My Story

Chris Dalton

“Christopher you can either build someone else’s kingdom or you can build your own kingdom.” – My Dad

 Hello I’m Chris… I’m the guy above. Three years before that picture was taken I was popping popcorn at my local movie theater in good ole Franklin, TN. I was just finishing my junior year of high school and I ended it with a bang. I was fired like a scorching hot kernel from the movie theater as popcorn boy… Why? I didn’t show up to work. Like a charred burnt kernel that’s been tossed in the trash and never to be thought of again I fell into a dark state of frivolous depression. In this lifeless state it forced me to take a serious look at my life and future. I had two choices: Stay down or get up. I made the choice to change my way of thinking and ultimately my way of life. I had no idea my life was going to take such a radical turn. Perhaps one day I will write a book on all that I learned in the span of a few months, but here is the short infinitesimal version.

 I started my business simply because I wanted the freedom to determine my own path and not have it determined for me. I did an apprenticeship under a mobile car detailer that summer for one month to boost me light years ahead in knowledge of the car detail business that would’ve other wise taken me years to learn. Thank you Charles. I ventured out on my own before the start of my senior year of high school. With my popcorn savings of around $1,200 and a $5,000 dollar loan from my Dad I got all the equipment necessary to start. I paid my Dad back in cash within one year. I knocked on many doors in my neighborhood and got my first customers. What was then called “Westhaven Detailing” began and would eventually become D Detailing.

 I detailed cars at golf courses, corporate offices,  and many different houses. I got 100% of my customers from word of mouth and talking to strangers all over town about my services. That December a man from California trained me on how to restore a cars paint to brand new. This service now one of my most popular offered (Paint Restoration) is in thanks to the man who trained me… Thank you Vinny. I recently traveled to San Diego, California for 10 days to learn paintless dent removal. I continue learning and educating myself about cars and the best possible processes, chemicals, and even the type of water I use in my business.

 After high school I decided to completely focus on my business and self directed learning. Thank you for those of you who believe in me. I will forever be grateful for your support. Thank you for reading this brief bio and I look so forward to giving you the most spoiled car detailing experience you’ve ever had!

 - Chris Dalton 


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